I am not a thing, but a state of all things constructed. I am the inevitable fate of all which is altered by human hands, the fall of everything that rises. The excitement of men regarding the future, that optimistic impulse to create things that endure, that change the world, that may leave the footprint of one sole animal species on Earth, brings me sadness and a bit of pity. Although I might appear before their eyes in ways from the subtlest to the most catastrophic, humans prefer not to see me, or if they do, they forget me fast. So many cities have fallen, leaving my pieces on the ground, so many times I appear in the form of destroyed buildings, of shipwrecks that remain buried in the bottom of the sea... For centuries I have been present in everything and in all human stories, stories from the East, West, North, and South. Recently, I have multiplied due to the explosive arrival of plastic to all cultures: things and objects are now more ephemeral, with ever-changing forms, feeble structures and weak materials. [...]